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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-10-31

Catching up on some reading from our #multimembership discussion # Walking to the office. Today is Halloween, right? No evidence of it anywhere. # Done for the day. I took this afternoon off. Yippee! # What a beautiful afternoon to take off and drive. Nice nice nice. # 54 degrees now in the Catskills,…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-10-30

Just finished class. We are moving at a quick pace. Today we talked about a literature review, APA, and databases. Phewww. # I feel overwhelmed with F2F meetings yesterday and today. # Working on designing a wound class. # Done with meetings for the day. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-10-29

Had some trouble archiving my online class tonight. I hope they address the concern of button placement! # Decided to teach my online class using two computers tonight. Wish the university would provide them for me! # @betsyweber What was that? # Have to go to the NYU School of Nursing for a project team…

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-10-28

@slideshare Great to hear about that. I never noticed that, but will look into it now. Do you promote that, or have I just missed it? # Got to the office just before the clouds thickened. It looks like night outside. # @BlancheMaynard Got it! # @joostrobben Great link, Joost. Thank you for sharing it.…

Tagline / Rebranding Redux

I think I finally got my tagline right: I facilitate the research and practice of postmodern learning. Many thanks to all the suggestions, comments, and reflective ideas. I wonder if my colleagues will agree with my ongoing reflective activity?