Malcolm Gladwell in ASTD General Session Keynote

He lives in New York (in my neighborhood, by the way), and joked about how small apartments are there.

Outliers is a new book of his that will be coming out in November, and he is planning to speak about some of the ideas that derive from his book.

He wants to speak about art, primarily Picasso and Cezanne. He wants to speak about how the two of them are quite different (really? who knew?!).

There are two styles in creativity, according to some theorist he mentioned briefly. Experimental Innovators (people who never have big breakthrough ideas but who work through trial and error and who slowly go over the same territory until they become a master, like late bloomers), such as Cezanne. and Conceptual Innovators (people have big ideas that transform the ideas in their fields, precocious), such as Picasso.

He said he weighs 110 pounds. Those silly statements become the things we remember. That is all he weighs? What is he, a supermodel want-to-be?

Interesting how now he is speaking about Mark Twain and Herman Melville. Now Orson Wells and Alfred Hitchcock. Now speaking about their novels and movies. I am getting so confused. What is his point again? Perhaps it would work better on paper, but in a speaking way, I am getting lost. Maybe some slides for the visual learners (me) to try to follow where he is going with all this.

Very engaging voice and tone.

Ah, back to the point–we have fallen in love with conceptual creative sorts rather than with experimental innovators and those who work again and again.

Now he is speaking about rock music, with Fleetwood Mack (not sure about the spelling, as I have never written their name before). Their greatest album was their 16th album. Huh? What areas of humanities and art and culture will he discuss next? Now he is doing the history of that group, with all the names of the various musicians in the band.

Help! Anybody want to play checkers or Monopoly?

Ahh, Fleetwood Mack wore berets at one period. Another useless fact I will remember about them and about this session.

This is painful. I wonder if I am the only one who is wondering what he is doing. I am sure Gladwell is leading in a direction. He writes so well and is a dynamic speaker, but still, glad I am sitting by the exit. I really hope he ties this all together to make the cultural exploration worth the time at a training and development conference.

I recall when he spoke at the ASTD San Diego convention I attended a few years back. He spoke about The Tipping Point, which I bought and which he signed and which I then left in the seat pocket on a Continental flight on the way home. More useless stories, perhaps?

I am wondering about the informal learning that is happening within this keynote. I wonder what other people are thinking this very minute?

Good god, he is now speaking about sports.

Looked at the schedule for today. It says he still has 25 more minutes.

Did he just say “I could go on?” Then he does! Some people are starting to leave. He is talking about 7 quarterbacks who have done something or another.

Ahh, something about talent. Oh, still speaking about quarterbacks. and Picasso. Cezanne and quarterback qualities. How can I spell out a groan?

I have liveblogged for a number of years, and often censor myself (without consciously doing it, now that I am thinking about it–need to do some reflection here . . .) by not saying much that I think is critical of the experience or the person who is speaking (hey, he or she has prepared and is on the bill, I am not). However, I am having trouble sitting here without discussing this frustration.

I like using Windows Live Writer, and think it works really well with WordPress.

Have been reading the schedule and sessions for today, and forgot for the time that Gladwell is still speaking.

Now another author reference that is beyond me (or perhaps I misheard him?).

Ahh, our job is to support the training and assistance of those who take 15 years to write their masterpiece. I think this relates back to Cezanne.

It is now over.

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