Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-31

  • Leaving for the airport. #astd2008 and San Diego, here I come! #
  • Parked in long-term parking at the airport. #
  • Hope I get off the ground before the thunderstorms that have been forecast. #
  • Just got a weather warning message about a tornado watch in effect for the area. Huh? This is Newark?! #
  • Just got onto the plane. Raining so gard that I can”t see the sky. Hope the pilot can… #

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-30

  • Finished class. Going to get food on the way home. #
  • Finished class. Going to get food on the way home. #
  • Just learned there was another crain collapse in Manhattan, on the Upper East side. #
  • Just learned there was another crain collapse in Manhattan, on the Upper East side. #
  • Backed up my computer while getting ready to pack for #astd2008. #
  • Just joined the #cp2tech01 call. #
  • Do not have Internet access, so will just listen in to the final session on #cp2tech01. #
  • I wish the #cp2tech01 workshop goes another week or so. I need more time to continue reading and processing all of it. #
  • In one sense, it is sad that the #cp2tech01 workshop is ending. In another sense, it is only just beginning, and for that, hurray! #

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-29

  • @rlk300 I think you forgot the pizza group. #
  • @betsyweber Congrats! #
  • Nothing but email problems this morning. #
  • Where has the morning gone? #
  • Attending a virtual book discussion in the office of “Orbiting the Giant Hairball.” Our facilitator from OD is excellent. #
  • @tonykarrer Seems that may be the case. Or perhaps we are just not connected? What can we do about this? #
  • @BuckeyeBeth OK, so let’s begin. I started with a tag for ASTD – #astd2008 #
  • @suewolff Of perhaps it is just checking the site too many times per hour? #

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ASTD 2008 Tag? Let’s Use astd2008

Come to think of it, since ASTD does not seem to be promoting Web 2.0 connections with its members, it should not surprise me that I cannot locate a conference tag to begin tagging my blog (and liveblog) posts and Tweets.

Thus, I will take the lead and create a tag for this year’s conference ~ astd2008. I invite anybody else to use this while blogging, submitting to Technorati, using via Twitter,, and the like.

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-28

  • @pinoyboy Too funny! #
  • @abalone Working on it. Getting a hair cut tomorrow–first one in 6 weeks (a record for me). Have to prepare for ASTD next week. #
  • Anybody know if there is a tag for ASTD ICE 2008 next week? Want to get ready to tag away! #
  • @injenuity Not with all the cologne I use in such circumstances. #
  • @gallada I like your new photo here. Congrats on trusting the wisdom of crowds. #
  • @tonykarrer Great. Any tags for ASTD? If not, I have been considering #astdice08. #
  • @MBisanz I don’t want to be restrictive. #
  • @butwait I just replied. #
  • Feel like I have been hibernating. Cutting through email now, and then some consulting work and then more preparing for #astd or #astdice08. #
  • So behind in my work for #cp2tech01. Miss my colleagues there. #
  • @Currie Run! #
  • Enough consulting work. Night, Twitterverse. #
  • Sleepy. Very late night working last night. #
  • Just called into an unscheduled all day meeting. #
  • Meeting with SumTotal folks about their LMS. #
  • Finished with my work for the day with the SunTotal consultants. Looks like we are getting a great system. #
  • @Currie Did (s)he ever come out? #
  • @cmtvarok Want to share? #
  • Waiting for my haircut to begin. They are running late. Again. #

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ASTD 2008 ICE Meetup?

ASTD 2008

I am attending the ASTD 2008 International Conference & Exposition next week in San Diego, and have been trying to locate others in the workplace learning and performance field who blog and also Tweet who may want to schedule a meetup. Thus far I have located Tony Karrer and Beth Griese, neither of whom I have previously met. There have to be others attending the largest training and development conference who blog and Tweet, haven’t there?

I wonder why ASTD is not furiously working to catch up and connect its members in the Web 2.0 sphere?

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