I am a Member of CPSquare

cpsquareI short time ago I joined CPSquare, the online community of practice on communities of practice. With a list of great reasons to join, with the access to thought leaders and researchers in the field being the one that convinced me to sign up, I finally had my first tangible experience of being a member — a NYC meetup organized by Bronwyn Stuckey that occurred yesterday where I met Bronwyn and Caren Levine, both for the first time.

I really wished I could have spent more time with them both, but it was the middle of the day and lunch is only so long! At least now when I read their posts and work, I will have more of a sense of who the avatar is that is writing! Perhaps this is the ideal for (blended) eLearning–work online with opportunities for F2F meeting and collaboration when possible?

Want a sense on how fascinating this community is? If so, take a look at the list of member blogs.

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