Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-30

  • @aidanhenry Mahalo. I have not heard anybody mention that in some time now. #
  • @eich0041 Which part? #
  • @maniactive How so? #
  • @RobinYap Of course he is doing it for you. You paid him. Ask him what you will get from the extension (and a completed constract is not it) #
  • @kanter Looking forward to hearing your insights and experiences. Till now, have only "read" you! #
  • @fncll I will, I will. With the CP2tech workshop, we are going to have a blog to use for reflection. I will do mine publicly. #
  • What, noon already? #
  • @eich0041 In some of the adult ed / training classes I teach, we discuss the course objectives and how they are mine and not theirs. #
  • @eich0041 It only makes sense then that we collaboratively create the course measure / eval for their final project as well. #
  • @eich0041 We discuss the project and then discuss what they think they should be evaluated on. #
  • @eich0041 This also helps my students to focus their learning while processing their experiences. Fundamentally, it gives them voice. #
  • @scope_community What? #

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Riot Protection

I have no idea how I came across this today, but there is an interesting and potentially valuable article on How to Survive a Riot. I have never been in one, but being in a large, international city (even a well-managed and rather safe one, relatively speaking), one can never be too prepared. The article is short and there are a few useful suggestions I found.

My main take away? If in a riot or mob, move to the side slowly so as not to attract attention to yourself (and possibly make you a target of the rioters or the police). I hope I will never need this . . .


Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-29

  • Beginning laundry. At least the room is empty. #
  • @RobinYap How fun. Nothing like a new place where things have not yet had time to go wrong. Of course, safer is better than sorry. #
  • I just saw the new Twittervision Local (by country) Lacks the breadth of the world, but somehow more homey. #
  • Attending a teleconference for the AHRD Scholar-Practitioner committee. #
  • meetings, meetings, meetings #
  • Leaving to go to class–Project Management for Training. #
  • In break in the middle of my class. We just discussed the Evaluation / Measure for the final project due next week. I try to be democratic. #
  • We create the measure together, that way we evaluate what the students perceive is most significant from the class. #
  • This process works well with adult students and airs out assumptions. It is a surprisingly effective strategy. #
  • @aidanhenry Did not know that was still around. #

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-04-28

  • Went for a brief workout tonight. Will have to process and blog about an interesting juxtaposition while there. #
  • Just starched and pressed some shirts. Perhaps I should take in laundry on the side? Gas is going up, after all. #
  • @CP2tech01 There is nothing funny about my Tweeting about my laundry. Except, of course, that I seem to do it several times a week. Scary. #
  • @macboyx Great. Hope you are both still in it together. Non-funny April Fools (at least I hope). #
  • @dmcordell Yes, it seems I can then make some money . . . #
  • @susny Fascinating how our thinking goes. I have grown to like life narrative and biographical qualitative work. #
  • @pinoyboy Wishing you success with your malbec. #
  • @pinoyboy What uniform? #
  • @maniactive ts MInt juleps. My mint is just beginning to apppear, so hope it will be ready for the weekend. #
  • Got to work and am all wet. Good thing my LLBean shoes kept my socks dry. Pants and jackets dry while wearing them; socks, not so much. #
  • Making a link to Northern Voice but the website says Drupal Camp. WTF?? #
  • Really looking forward to today’s beginning of the Connected Futures (cp2tech01) Workshop. I just blogged about why I am attending it. #
  • Found an interesting healthcare website "Making Web Videos on a Shoestring Budget: HIN’s Four-Part Video Series" #
  • Off to a meeting. #
  • Just called the call-in number for the CP2tech01 – The Connected Futures Workshop that is starting now. #
  • Some interesting chat occurring now in the background. #
  • Was considering microblogging the session, but decided not to. #
  • Somewhat disconcerting that many people are discussing the CP2tech session via skype. Cannot get it through the firewall. #
  • That is one of the rich issues about the variety of experiences in the online world today. Good learning there, especially for community. #
  • Glad people are taking notes via skype. Is somewhat more internal than using Twitter. Ohh, the public! #
  • @Currie I am indeed. Very exciting! #
  • @maniactive Very true. Lots and lots of it! #
  • Do many of you out in the Twitterverse have access to skype through organizational firewalls? #
  • Ahh, time for the rest of us. #
  • There, said my piece. Glad it is being recorded as well as scribed via skype. #
  • @Currie You are going to join us? #
  • @Currie Who isn’t busy?! #
  • @coyenator Good question . . . I think I heard that one before . . . #
  • @smithjd Time check — are we planning to end in 5 minuites? We got a start time, but not an ending time. #
  • @kanter Show off! #
  • @coyenator You are quiet . . . #
  • @CP2tech01 Cute. We need an avatar or icon for Twitter. Perhaps even the name #CP2tech01 in a box? #

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Connected Futures (cp2tech01) Workshop Begins Today

I am really looking forward to attending the online Connected Futures (cp2tech01) Workshop that begins today.

Sponsored by CPSquare, the Community of Practice on Communities of Practice, John Smith and Bronwyn Stuckey have been doing all of the visible pre-work for the workshop. The workshop leaders include Beth Kanter(who I have spoken to numerous times online, but never in this context), Beverly Trayner, Bronwyn Stuckey (who I finally met a couple weeks back while she was visiting NYC), Etienne Wenger(who I read 2 graduate degrees ago as a former professor was fond of his work), John Smith (who laughs more heartily than his screen shot avatar indicates), Nancy White (who I also took an online class with and met and worshipped twice while at Northern Voice), Nick Noakes(who I have read but have never met), Shawn Callahan, Shirley Williams, and Susanne Nyrop.

I will be focused on this workshop for the next five weeks (while I am not working, finishing a most interesting class I am teaching, Project Management for Training, and preparing for a graduate Leadership course I am teaching). What is most interesting is that I have been increasingly looking forward to this class, even more than I thought I would be. Good sign.

We are having our opening teleconference call this afternoon, and one of the questions we were asked to consider is: “What brings you to this workshop?” Simple question to be sure, but one that I have the most trouble answering because there are many reasons. I want to learn from this group of experts. I want to increase my experiences because I find myself drawn to this area. I am looking to continue even more higher education, and think this may help me grok some additional distance possibilities than I previously considered. I want to consider ways to bring this into my teaching. I want to consider expanding some of my professional opportunities with consulting and my full-time work. I hope to get some new research ideas and perhaps additional research partners. I want to be exposed to the people pushing this field along. I want to be involved at this point where this is starting to become more of a field at all. These are just to name a few, and as a reflective practitioner, there will undoubtedly be additional ones as I further consider this today.

Now, we need to consider creating a logo for this workshop . . .

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