Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-31

  • Worked out tonight. First time in a few weeks. Still the same size, but breathing easier now! #
  • @RobinYap I have been working on home email Inbox Zero by doing / filing / deleting at least one email each day while caring for new ones. #
  • @slmader My reply is a bit late, but I see what you mean . . . #
  • Met some colleagues at a CPSquare meetup here in NYC. #
  • Great meeting Bronwyn Stuckey and Caren Levine in person. Wish I could chat longer, but a work commitment precludes it. #

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How to Use Twitter in Higher Education

I decided that I will list my Twitter name on the syllabus for the class I am teaching that begins tomorrow, Project Management for Training. I decided to do this after reading an article in the Chronicle, Forget E-Mail: New Messaging Service Has Students and Professors Atwitter. As my class is in a continuing education certificate program, I am not sure how or what I will do with it, but I know nothing will happen unless I take the first steps.

While my class will only touch on technology, I am interested in listing the Twitter address and seeing where it may lead. Has anybody out there effectively used Twitter in an adult-oriented, non-technology focused class?

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-29

  • Got a coating of snow last night while upstate. Lighting the fire. #
  • Got a coating of snow last night while upstate. Lighting the fire. #
  • Got a coating of snow last night while upstate. Lighting the fire. #
  • Got a coating of snow last night while upstate. Lighting the fire. #
  • Got a coating of snow last night while upstate. Lighting the fire. #
  • Got a coating of snow last night while upstate. Lighting the fire. #
  • Got a coating of snow last night while upstate. Lighting the fire. #
  • Wow, my last message was posted 3 times. Nothing like emphasis! #
  • Wonder why TwitterBerry and my email on my BlackBerry is so slow today? #
  • I wish there were an easy way to post to my blog from my BlackBerry. Any suggestions? #

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-28

  • Has anybody out there taught a project management class? #
  • Does anybody have any suggestions for teaching project management? #
  • @maniactive How does a chapter a day via RSS work? #
  • @slmader Thanks for the Twitter link. #
  • @slmader True, though "value" as a term in large organizations is more qualitative than many would like to consider, or even understand. #
  • @ChrisRicca Jelly? #
  • @pinoyboy How much snow and ice? #
  • Getting a Jamba Juice. Pricy, but good. Healthier than pizza; tired of soup and salad. #
  • Have not been receiving CPSquare emails. Not appear to be caught in spam filter, either. Will need to do some more testing . . . #
  • Getting coffee. #
  • @leelefever Or like the ages when the weather could not be forcasted accurately and offerings were needed. Perhaps still like today? #
  • @slmader You know, I saw that and posted a reply, but it does not seem to be there any longer . . . #
  • @maniactive I am intrigued. Can you demo it? #
  • @ChrisRicca Sounds interesting, but still am not clear as to what it is (was?). #
  • @fncll Thank you, Chris. Was not familiar with his work and just ordered a book from him. #
  • @pinoyboy Ouch. We may get some later tonight. Raw out there now. #
  • @Currie So, how is it going after a first week? #
  • @ChrisRicca Congrats!!! Nice way to end the week. #
  • Inbox Zero! #

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Project Management for Training

I am teaching a new class that begins next week — Project Management for Training. The course description is listed as:

Whether you’re conducting a single training session for a small audience or multiple sessions for a large group, a training program–like a project in any other discipline–must have an effective plan to guide and track progress. This class provides you with a planning process and teaches you techniques to prepare and deliver training projects consistently and effectively. Focusing on logistics, rationale, scope, timescales, risk management, and budget, you acquire the skills to communicate with the training project’s stakeholders to ensure optimum performance.

I am looking forward to teaching this class, as I am able to bring my skills as a senior instructional designer (my full-time title) and project management (what I primarily do right now) and merge them with my expertise in adult education and human resource development (two of my graduate degrees).

After working in this field for some time now, this this seems to be my life recently . . .

project management

I am interested in seeing if anybody has any useful references or websites they want to share, as well as any stories about how they have seen project management brought into the training function. Any thoughts?

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-27

  • Waiting for an appointment that is running late. #
  • Have been somewhat preoccupied with deliverables all week since the holiday weekend, and have not blogged at all. #
  • Will blog next about the class I am teaching that begins next week. Started writing the post, so just have to proofread and then voila! #
  • Just registered for FriendFeed. Any others I should try? #
  • Ate a wonderful fresh and warm everything bagel with lowfat veggie creamcheese while walking. Healthy? #
  • Watching school buses filled with children by Madison Square Garden here for a field trip. No better city to visit. Can be transformative. #
  • Going to a really important senior management meeting, hoping them to approve our project’s next steps. #
  • The meeting went well. Very well. New issues were raised which will involve additional work strands, but approval was given to move forward. #

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