Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-29

  • @_Yarbo_ Or, consider opening a second account, notify all your contacts about it, and then delete the first one. #
  • Working on an essay I am writing. #
  • @RobinYap Thanks for your confidence, but as an educator I am never happy relaying exactly what I have presented before. Always more to say #
  • @RobinYap I like the new background – how did you do it? #
  • Listening to Las Mayas (Alfonson X el Sabio 1221-1284), on the album Danzas Medievales Españolas by the Eduardo Paniagua Group. #
  • Hypnotic drumming and fluting in Li Rosignox (Teobaldo I Rey de Navarra 1201-1253). #
  • Laughed through Wanda Sykes on Leno. She has never been funnier. #
  • @macboyx Cool! Literally – it will snow Friday night in NYC, so pack warmly. #
  • @injenuity I hope it is not serious. #
  • @aidanhenry Wonderful! #
  • @pinoyboy Oh, live on the edge and don’t pack. Support our economy and buy new clothes when you arrive. You deserve them. #
  • @injenuity I love your new Twitter wallpaper! #
  • @moritherapy We are working with health literacy standards. There is a lot happening with health litercy as the population ages. #
  • I think I am the only one of my Twitter circle that is awake. Scary, that they are all west of me. #
  • @slmader Then I know I am awake much too late tonight. Night! #
  • @maniactive Because it gives you more material about which to Tweet. #
  • @jimgroom Happiness can also be a result of the power of positive thinking. #
  • @moritherapy What is a tweetku? #
  • @jimgroom You maketh me blush too early on a Friday! #
  • @gapingvoid That is a great place. I would have bought you a drink if I knew you were in the neighborhood. #
  • @gusgreeper What are sock monkeys? #
  • @injenuity Don’t you tag as you go along? #
  • @retrocactus In what way are you now official? #
  • @gusgreeper Do you make these? #
  • Does APA style list author’s middle initials? #

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-28

  • Seems Twitter just had another Ghost in the Machine. #
  • Working late on some paperwork. Seems many of my Twitter colleagues are off to the Land of Nod. #
  • @macboyx And you are in the same time zone! #
  • @mashable Just requested the invite. Sounds really interesting. #
  • @gusgreeper Did you find it useful? #
  • @slmader I haven’t seen any recent Tweets from you in the past hour or so. #
  • @slmader Twitter has been acting a little funny this evening. Instead of clicking the Home button on top, I have had to refresh the page. #
  • @retrocactus I think clicking the logo works like the Home button. In some ways refresh seems to work differently. Perhaps in my mind? #
  • Just removed two people I followed on Twitter. Both were overly self-indulging in the tech world. Far too many posts I am not interested in. #
  • Have to slim down a bit. The 79 people I follow now have me more than busy keeping up and replying to. #
  • Ironed early this morning. #
  • @heyjudeonline How do you like WordPress? #
  • I missed BarCampNYC3 tickets. #
  • MIchael Bloomberg will not run for president This has been a constant area of NY speculation. #
  • @Currie You know, @slmader was saying something similar last night. I know there has to be a Twitter Ghost in the Machine! #
  • Researching health literacy. #
  • Did health literacy research all morning. Great stuff out there. #
  • @robinyap Thank you for introducing me to Starbucks egg and cheese sandwiches. Enjoying one now for lunch. #
  • Six shot venti skim latte. Wonder what that is called? #
  • @slmader I heard about that. I never ordered one before because they do not look good cold and under glass. They taste almost as good as DD #
  • @_Yarbo_ Much better tasting than looking! You feeling better? #
  • @macboyx It has kept me awake, but is starting to fade now . . . #
  • @RobinYap @slmader said they are being discontinued. Starbucks never did a good job marketing them. Tasty, but not appealing to see uncooked #

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-27

  • Just installed TwitterFox. Anybody ever use it? #
  • Listening to Medieval Music, Ensamble Alcatraz, while writing my Northern Voice debrief post. #
  • @injenuity You just changed your Twitter pic! #
  • @leelefever You sound like you are having too much fun to get paid for it! #
  • @_Yarbo_ You tag Fllickr photos so people can search based on tags, as they may on a blog as well. #
  • @_Yarbo_ Tagging is also another way people can group tagged (similar) photos with an rss feed as well. #
  • @_Yarbo_ For example, the RSS for Flickr pics tagged nv08 is #
  • Ensemble Alcatraz with Kitka’s "Quantas Sabedes Amare Amigo," a favorite of mine. #
  • @NancyWhite What is FriendFeed? It looks interesting. #
  • I just listened to Chris Heuer’s interview of me while at Northern Voice #
  • It is almost noon already and I have meetings all afternoon. How did I work before I used Outlook for scheduling? #
  • @_Yarbo_ I hope it is not the Northern Voice plague!!!!!! #
  • @fncll Ouch, nothing like a down-to-reality moment after a retreat. #
  • @fncll I find the adjustment tough, and am now consciously trying to connect more via social media (Twitter and replying to blog posts). #
  • Just noticed the "Reply to . . ." arrow in Twitter next to contact names. Has that always been there? #
  • @funnymonkey Instead of a summary post, perhaps we should think of it as a Next Steps post? #
  • @injenuity How is the house? How ’bout your baby? #
  • @aidanhenry Hang in there and try not to overdo it. #
  • @funnymonkey Good. After all, what is the point of a summary if not pointing to a next step? I suppose it depends on the emphasis. #
  • @pinoyboy You are Canadian? From where in Canada? #
  • @injenuity Good on all counts. Is it a go? #
  • @pinoyboy Nevertheless, from a US perspective it still sounds exotic and rugged. #
  • @injenuity How long has the reply link been here? #
  • @dmcordell How much snow do you have right now? #
  • @pinoyboy I always lived in NY but never went to Canada until a friend moved there a few years back. Seemed so far away before. #
  • @injenuity That already seems like an interesting position you will hire. #
  • @jimgroom Glad to see your Tweets now! #
  • @jimgroom No walled gardens, ehh? #
  • @jimgroom Twitter was starting to be popular at NV last year, and has only seemed to grow in popularity. #
  • Going to a meeting to discuss health literacy. #

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Northern Voice; Post-Reflection

So, Northern Voice is finished. What to do with it now?

I think I will let my blogging tagline guide me for my next step as I begin my debrief:

Reflective practice in organizational learning, educational technology, and postmodern society.

Reflective Practice

I want, or rather need, to continue to reflect on my experiences. This reflection is critical to my learning. Writing new blog posts after having liveblogged every session I attended at nv08, Tweeting, and reviewing my Flickr photos to help me recall forgotten moments are all conscious choices I am making to foster my own grounding and creative development. So much content and experiences and learning so quickly was overwhelming. Strange how writing, even here, helps me to process it all.

Organizational Learning

I did not attend nv08 alone. I started to read more blogs and Tweets of people who I knew before the conference, as well as people I met while there. My FeedDemon feeds (kept current on my blog) have been working overtime, and I think that I will be adding to these in the coming week or so as I recall people who I wanted to follow but did not add them at the time.

Educational Technology

I learned edubloggers are more varied than I initially thought. For many years when I thought about edubloggers, K-12 jumped to my mind. Having met so many who teach adults, I felt more at home than I thought I would. I am actively demonstrating what I am learning via technology by committing to more actively comment than I have done in the past. I want to read and join in a community with others who have similar interests and skills and experiences and challenges. As writing helps me to learn, perhaps sharing this with others on their own social media outlets may engage others in conversation and continue the learning in new and exciting directions.

Postmodern Society

Is there a common Northern Voice attendee? Is there a common worldview there? Platform? Favorite technology? Coolest accessible app? Best approach to social media? What does it mean to have a “personal blogging and social media” conference in person at all, given the topic? Should there be a virtual conference mid-year to debrief, check-in, and prepare for the February event?

It feels liberating to consider NV within the context of my blog’s tagline. Hey, if it does not fit there, then the tagline needs to evolve. Glad to see the revised (current) one I developed a few weeks ago, after working on it for weeks, seems to be just right. For now, at least.

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-26

  • @betsyweber That was what I gathered from #nv08 as well. #
  • @betsyweber Thought Tim Hortons was only in Canada! One day will get to Michigan. #
  • @_Yarbo_ Careful with starting too many new things at once. It will be easy to get overwhelmed and stop all of it. Expand the one you have! #
  • @velkr0 Thank you for the positive vibes. The flight was fine. I am still fascinated with Twitter. Amazing how simple yet profound it can be #
  • Going through 917 emails at work. Forst day back since #nv08. #
  • How many items and calls and emails and presentations can be successfully multitasked at once? #
  • I am amazed at how many people already added tags and comments to Flickr and blog posts in reaction to Northern Voice. I am still processing #
  • and still trying to find the time for this! #
  • Getting a sandwich at Subway. First time off my chair all morning. Phew. #
  • @injenuity I wish I could join you there, but I just used my funding for this year . . . #
  • I am amazed at how many pictures from nv08 continue to be added. I have seen them tagged with lots of variations. More standards next year? #
  • PLanning on using Elluminate for my first meeting this Friday. They have a wonderful free version for up to 3 people. #
  • @injenuity That was the fastest I have ever seen a Tweet request answered! #
  • @injenuity That was the fastest I have ever seen a Tweet request! #
  • With the dollar at a record low to the Euro, guess I will not be going to Europe any time soon #
  • @injenuity Do you use the free version or the larger, hosted packages? #
  • @arjunsingh I see you like Twitter! #
  • @injenuity The best for your doc visit. #
  • @abenamer Interesting that you look at your Google page rather than the window for the weather. BTW, if in NYC now, it is about to rain. #
  • About to walk home in the rain. #

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Northern Voice on Flickr Hot Tag List

I was looking for Flickr pictures of Northern Voice 2008 using the nv08 tag, and was pleasantly surprised to see both nv08  as well as moosecamp listed as Hot tags over the last week. Great to have been part of something that shows up on Flickr with this much influence!

nv08 on Flickr Hot tag list

My full-size screenshot of this is now on Flickr adding to the nv08 tags, too!

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-02-25

  • Glad to be home. Tomorrow can finally begin to blog about the debriefing I have been doing with #nv08. #
  • Finally got up; not sure if reacclimated to the Eastern Time Zone. Glad I took today off to catch up with things after Northern Voice. #
  • Anybody familiar with the Beyond Distance Research Alliance at the University of Leicester? #
  • Had a good VOIP call with a colleague in England. Used an Adobe product I have not used before. #
  • Then had mac and cheese with some torilla pie at City Bakery. They make the best peanut butter cookies I have ever had. #
  • Trying to catch up with things today. REally glad to be able to spend some time with my dogs again! #
  • Enough trying to catch up. I am going to feed and walk the dogs and then go to the gym. After seeing the pics of me from #nv08, I need it. #
  • 40 minutes on a PreCor Elliptical Crosstrainer. Not enough to lose weight, but a start. #

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