Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-31

  • What a busy morning. Project workgroup meetings all day. #
  • @pinoyboy Now that would be a niche market. #
  • @jazzychad It is not you, it is Twitter. #
  • Twitter is a wonderful application, but if it is not reliable, it cannot be counted on for business (or even pleasure). #
  • The Twitter folks should raise some VC so they can fix their infrastructure to make it reliable. #
  • This will allow them to really begin to play in the big leagues. #
  • Pardon the business-speak. #
  • @fncll All very true. Very true. #
  • @fncll I wonder if the job is now bigger than the Twitter corporate players can handle? #
  • @fncll Perhaps the problem is that Twitter still misses a corporate worldview, like some developers playing with a cool new app? #
  • @kanter Sending you communication eloquence vibes for your presentation. #
  • Glad Twitter is up again. With all the pent-up Twitterazzi out there, let’s hope the server does not again start misbehaving. #
  • Meetings all day. I need time to now do all my tasks and deliverables. #
  • Will treat myself to pizza for dinner. #
  • Have to get a book on the way home. East West Books called to let me know something I ordered came in. Forgot which one. #

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-30

  • Ate Korean food from Korea Way here in Manhattan. #
  • Twitter is broken again?!?! While I love this tool, perhaps they should raise some capital to fix its infrastructure. #
  • Scary about the Air Canada pilot meltdown #
  • @rtanglao New tech always has its kinks to iron out, but it is great we persevere and work through it. I did add some comments. Alas! #
  • Just proofed some patient education materials. #
  • @ErnieAtLYD I thought you quit? #
  • @pinoyboy That description does not narrow many people down, you know. #
  • Sitting in French class waiting for it to begin. Not ready for it. #

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Liveblogging 101

Our long-awaited presentation we are doing at this year’s Northern Voice has finally appeared on their website. As an all-volunteer conference, I really appreciate all the work and efforts the organizers are giving to make this year’s personal blogging and social media conference a success.

My session will be on Friday, February 22, 2008, from 14:00 – 14:30 (2:00-2:30pm) in a new track–Internet Bootcamp. Entitled Liveblogging 101, it is meant to introduce newbies to liveblogging.

As a technologist and qualitative researcher, I am really interested in how liveblogging is an act of involvement and participation. It is not a narrative of the events–that is stenography. It is an interactive co-creation of the event itself from the perspective of an active participant. This in fact summarizes what my blog title, Silence and Voice, is all about. With liveblogging, the silence is ended as participants take up and use their own voices to record the event as they experience it.

Liveblogging:  Unfiltered. Raw. Authentic. If you want it nice and neat, buy a book.

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-29

  • During the first intermission in Wagner’s Die Walküre tonight, somebody mentioned the relationship between Siegmund and Sieglinde was sick. #
  • I commented, for the first time, "Oh, how American!" #
  • Feeling a bit under the weather and sleepy. Need some vitamin C. #
  • @kanter Get some rest for us, as well! #
  • Going for a working lunch to discuss a book idea. #
  • Made some good progress over a meat lasagna special in a local Irish pub. Even came complete with carrots. #
  • Getting ready for two teleconferences. #
  • Soda machine dollar feeder is jammed. No caffeine for me. #
  • Will just have to eat strawberry licorice instead to help with afternoon stress. #
  • @macboyx At least you have another one . . . #
  • @fncll What is your new icon? #
  • @macboyx Twizzlers. Strange, they are no longer called licorice on the packaging. They are called Strawberry Artificially Flavored Twists. #
  • @macboyx Great minds think alike. #
  • @Currie Yes, I am on the call. Thank you for your help. #
  • @Currie I think a missed a roll-call, however, so have my phone muted. #
  • @macboyx That is exactly how I justify eating them as well! #
  • @brlamb I think I missed your context . . . #
  • Just attended a CPSquare conference call in the Long Live the Platform conference #
  • This was my first formal CPSquare event. Nice group of dedicated people, and I think I will learn a lot from them. Glad I joined. #

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The New York Times Liveblogs?!

Nice to know that my interest in liveblogging and my newspaper of record, The New York Times, has finally embraced technology enough to begin liveblogging. Not just in name, but in practice. It seems they are liveblogging today’s Florida Primary.

With real-time video, one may ask why anybody would be interested in liveblogging at all? If that is the case, you may be interested in my upcoming session at Northern Voice’s Internet Bootcamp, where I will be presenting a session entitled Liveblogging 101.

Liveblogging:  Unfiltered. Raw. Authentic.


Twitter in the Classroom

twitter It is nice to see some college classes making use of current technologies that are all the rage in the private sector and amongst early-adopters. It is another thing for a professor to formally integrate this by having students sign up for their own accounts.

Such is the story in the recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, where a professor uses Twitter to interact with his students. Thankfully I saw this article in my newsreader on the Twitter blog. While I applaud the effort, it will be wonderful when non-technology or media faculty begin integrating these technologies into their syllabi for their educational value alone, even beyond the technical “wow” factors. This is a wonderful start, and reminds me of when I taught high school years ago and began using email with students to review for exams and work on assignments back in 1997. How times have changed.

I wish I would have tried this with my class that just ended. It would have been great to discuss current news stories, share ideas about upcoming assignments, and even debrief what was learned. This debriefing is where I believe much learning is done, yet it is the connection between what happens in the classroom and how that gets realized in life that formally gets overlooked in the race to “do the assignments.”

I would be happy to speak with any of my former students via Twitter.

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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-28

  • @rtanglao Tried the link but it was choppy. I entered my name, but could not add a message. #
  • Thought I was done for the night. Reading a contract, yet again. #
  • Sorting through email at work. So much over the weekend. #
  • Where is the day going?! #
  • Northern Voice 2008 now has the schedule for Internet Bootcamp available. #
  • I will present a session at Northern Voice 2008 on Liveblogging 101 with my colleague @RobinYap #
  • @macboyx Hate when that happens. #
  • @RobinYap Sorry about your MT problems. Another reason why I threw in the towel for MT and installed WordPress. #
  • @macboyx Always more difficult to do when you need it. #
  • Going to the opera tonight to see Wagner’s Die Walküre #

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