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Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-31

What a busy morning. Project workgroup meetings all day. # @pinoyboy Now that would be a niche market. # @jazzychad It is not you, it is Twitter. # Twitter is a wonderful application, but if it is not reliable, it cannot be counted on for business (or even pleasure). # The Twitter folks should […]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-30

Ate Korean food from Korea Way here in Manhattan. # Twitter is broken again?!?! While I love this tool, perhaps they should raise some capital to fix its infrastructure. # Scary about the Air Canada pilot meltdown # @rtanglao New tech always has its kinks to iron out, but it is great we […]

Liveblogging 101

Our long-awaited presentation we are doing at this year’s Northern Voice has finally appeared on their website. As an all-volunteer conference, I really appreciate all the work and efforts the organizers are giving to make this year’s personal blogging and social media conference a success.

My session will be on Friday, February 22, 2008, from […]

Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-01-29

During the first intermission in Wagner’s Die Walk├╝re tonight, somebody mentioned the relationship between Siegmund and Sieglinde was sick. # I commented, for the first time, "Oh, how American!" # Feeling a bit under the weather and sleepy. Need some vitamin C. # @kanter Get some rest for us, as well! # Going for […]

The New York Times Liveblogs?!

Nice to know that my interest in liveblogging and my newspaper of record, The New York Times, has finally embraced technology enough to begin liveblogging. Not just in name, but in practice. It seems they are liveblogging today’s Florida Primary.

With real-time video, one may ask why anybody would be interested in liveblogging at all? […]