Rudolph and Santa; Saved!

Rudolph and SantaHard to believe that the original puppets used in the stop-action Christmas movie, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer were almost lost to age and neglect. Of course, at the time nobody knew how popular the movie would become, even elevated to cult-status, sans people dressing as misfit toys.  Even though they have been on recent tours (nostalgia or new markets?) that have not been in or around NYC, they still hold a certain fascination for me.  

Philosophically and culturally speaking:

  • Perhaps they hearken back to a simpler time (if there was such a thing?)?
  • Perhaps they hold a gentleness for a violent and scary world (when was it never not that way?)?
  • Perhaps they remind us of childhood (who really had a happy one, after all?)?
  • Perhaps they are simply iconic or even somewhat archetypical (even in a Kantian perspective?)?

Whatever the case, in its simplest, they look good!

Rudolph and Santa 2