You really think so? Obviously I’ve been taking a close look at this stuff. Here’s the thing though – the OpenSocial API emphasis seems to be more on developers wanting to create Facebook-like app’s for social networks that aren’t Facebook. I might be missing something completely obvious, but the immediate payoff doesn’t necessarily seem to be for the user per say, but for the developer wanting to make their application available for many social networks.

Having OpenSocial out there doesn’t mean Facebook is going to shut down – a social networking app is only as powerful as the users that are on them. Having OpenSocial in the wild just means Facebook now has more pressure to make their applications platform open.

I’m following a friend who recently twittered this: “Social network tools are just a filter on my life, not a framework. They could vanish and I’d be fine, so I’m skeptical at their valuations.” While they are a framework for a new generation of college students and Facebook users, I’m not sure that having your wacky My Favorite Movies widget will be a life changer for millions of Internet users out there.