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PhD in E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning (Educational Research) ~ Learning and Development Project Manager (Clinical Education) ~ Internet Researcher ~ Adjunct Professor @NYU & @PaceU in New York City.

Research interests cover educational research and interdisciplinarity. I focus on distance and online learning, internet research, digital identity, social learning and social media, networked and technology enhanced learning, threshold concepts and liminal experiences in higher education, teaching and program design in adult and organizational learning, communities of practice, qualitative methodologies, narrative inquiry, and actor-network theory.

My professional work is at JeffreyKeefer.com

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at my Alma Mater

I wish I could have seen Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinajad at one of my Alma Maters last week, Columbia. President Bollinger introduced him, but in a way harsher than I thought fair for A. A world leader, B. An invited guest, and C. A controversial speaker who may have alienated himself from the audience but [...]

Experimental cyber attack destroyed a generator

I read this story on CNN and it really made me pause and think about how vast the world of possible terrorist targets really is. In a nutshell:

Researchers who launched an experimental cyber attack caused a generator to self-destruct, alarming the federal government and electrical industry about what might happen if such an attack [...]

Engagement vs. PowerPoint

We finished our presentation at the NYSNA, and the same responses we received from the original work were the same ones our presentation attendees appeared to have:

People learn best when they are engaged and work in groups


People are most distanced when they are lectured at and overwhelmed with PowerPoint [...]

Integrating critical thinking and EBP

I am co-presenting a session at the New York State Nurses’ Association convention in Atlantic City today entitled Integrating Critical Thinking and EBP into Novice Nurse Practice.

I am passionate about critical thinking (thank you, Stephen Brookfield), and with my colleague Rona Levin, we are speaking about some of the work we have done where [...]

Six Arkansas nuns excommunicated for heresy

I read this article in CNN yesterday about six nuns who were excommunicated, which in Catholicism means they are no longer able to officially receive the sacraments and have been declared to be so far outside of Catholic teachings and beliefs that they have separated themselves from the faith (even though the process of excommunication [...]

Where does the time go?

Amazing how fast time moves, even when we are not having fun. I realized I have not posted here for several days, not because I have been traveling or away, but because time just seems to fly by. Really fast.

It feels like yesterday I attended Simon and Cornel’s discussion, and while I brought my [...]

Cornel West #3

He said it is so rare for him to engage in dialogue, where somebody in the academy has a good tempure. Simon is a white, blues brother.

“What I bring to this dialogue is my baggage.” This is like a blues man in the life of the mind. Blues is catasrophe in the mind. Horrendous.


Simon Critchley #2

The lesson in and of philosophy after Kant, which is the painful process of accepting limitation.

It seems this event is for the publication of Simon’s new book by Verso.

Philosophy begins in the failed sense of transcendence. Religious and political disappointment intersect, and, if God is Dead, the issue of nihiliism, which is the [...]

Cornel West and Simon Critchley as liveblogging experience 2

The event started with the announcement of a student protest against Lockheed Martin and Monsanto tomorrow since they support the war and oppress developing nations.

Cornel West and Simon Critchley as liveblogging experience 1

So, here I am again, liveblogging another academic event. This event begins at 8:00, and I arrived at 7:35 to find not a single seat. Thus, I am sitting on the floor in the back of the Theresa Lang Community & Student Center at the New School in New York City. The fire sign above [...]