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London Philosophy Fixtures List

I stumbled across the London Philosophy Fixtures List from Tim Crane’s IP Blog. What an intersting idea; have a central list of all activities within a discipline in one central location. This is exactly what Google tries to automate, yet it still seems to take people to point out some of the information that may not […]

My Twitter Tools no longer see…

My Twitter Tools no longer seem to be working. Reported it on the WordPress Support Forum.

Immanuel Kant, See You Soon

I just ordered two books for a new class I am taking next week, Kant’s Critique of Judgment. The two books are:

Critique of Judgment (Hackett Publishing)

Kant’s Theory of Taste: A Reading of the Critique of Aesthetic Judgment (Modern European Philosophy)

I saw these two books at Barnes […]

This is a test of Twitter Tool…

This is a test of Twitter Tools made into a blog post.

Test from Twitter Tools

Test from Twitter Tools